Project Update:

Terminal Drainage Improvements: This project will improve drainage conditions around the terminal building. The capacity of the underground system will be increased and rerouted to make it more efficient. It will also include a large detention area to hold stormwater in the event of a significant rainfall event like the one that occurred in 2009. The project budget which is $2,200,806.00 will be funded with FAA (90%) and airport (10%) funds. Completion is expected in 2013.

Consolidated Rent Car Service Center: This project will upgrade the airport’s infrastructure and improve customer service to travelers using our airport’s rental car services.

Some highlights of the project are:

  • The rental car ready lot will be moved to a position immediately adjacent to the terminal building.
  • The four existing rental car service facilities will be replaced with one consolidated facility. The land where the existing facilities are located will be available for future development of either aviation or non-aviation related businesses.

Design of the project is presently in progress. The project should be completed in late 2014. The budget for this project is $4,200,000. Funds are budgeted in the Airport’s capital improvement program.

FUTURE CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS: 2013—Replacement of the terminal building escalators.

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